Important Animal Facts

Important Animal Facts

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Are moles destroying your lawn? Moles breed once a year, generally in February and after a six week gestation period can produce litters of 2 to 6 moles. Call us now to make your removal before the spring litters arrive. Did you know? Moles do not hibernate and are active year round. Moles are very territorial. You generally average 1 to 3 moles per acre, unless there is a female with dispersing young. They can eat their weight a day in high energy food. 80% of a moles diet are earthworms, and the other 20% comes from other insect larvae in the ground such as ants, grubs, spiders, etc. They can dig 18 feet of tunneling an hour and throw up numerous piles of dirt known as mole hills, destroying a beautifully manicured lawn in search of high energy food. Moles can be trapped year round, so don’t ignore your lawns in the winter to avoid spring litters.

Ground Mole In Yard- Louisville Kentucky
Bat Removal Louisville Kentucky


The most common bat in Kentucky is the brown bat. When bats move into attics and set up nursing colonies, their numbers grow from year to year, returning to the same home yearly to raise their young. Bat removal is done by putting up a check valve over their point of entry, allowing bats to fly out but not to get back in. After several days this is removed and points of entry are sealed up. Bat removal should be done before May 15th or after August 15th, as they have babies during this time and babies must be able to fly and get out with the mother bats. So if bats have invaded your home give us a call.


Groundhogs are burrowing animals. Their burrows are extensive and can cause damage to homes and property. Their burrowing activity causes damage to retaining walls, slab concrete such as driveways and sidewalks, and concrete steps. They also love to raid your vegetable gardens. If ground hogs have made a pest of themselves give us a call.

Groundhog- Louisville KY
Raccoon in Trash Can- Louisville Ky


Raccoons are one of Kentuckiana’s most clever and annoying pests. They love to raid garbage cans, move into attics, crawl spaces and live under decks and sheds. They even live in chimneys using them as they would a hollow tree, living and raising their young along with the fleas they drag in. Even if you don’t have any trees around your home, they can shimmy up a gutter, much like a monkey to gain access to your roof. Raccoons can easily learn how to use your pet doors and come into your house at night to get something to eat. Raccoons may also tear up your lawns and flip freshly laid sod in search of worms and grubs to eat. Once removed from the home we can make repairs to prevent re-entry into crawl spaces and attics. So give us a call if you are having a Raccoon problem.


Skunks are a problem, period. Their foul smelling spray becomes a problem when they spray around your home or your family pet. Skunks are excellent burrowers and will take up residence in crawl spaces, under electric boxes, they will burrow under your slab concrete, sidewalks, steps, and live under decks and sheds. In the fall skunks will dig up your lawns in search of grubs, so give us a call if a pesky skunk has moved into your property.

Skunk in Grass- Louisville Kentucky


Chipmunks cause problems to slab concrete, foundations, and retaining walls with their burrowing activity. They also love to raid your vegetable gardens and chew on the roots of your plants and bushes. If you have a chipmunk problem give us a call.


Squirrels are a problem when they move into your attic. Not only are they noisy, but they chew on your electrical lines and phones lines and can become a fire hazard. We will trap and remove the squirrels and make repairs the home to prevent re-entry. Do not let your home be their home, call us today.


Flying squirrels are nocturnal creatures. They are very small and easily make their way into attics, playing around at night and keeping you awake. Give us a call, we can remove them and make repairs to your home to prevent re-entry.


Opossums love to take up residence under your decks, crawl spaces, under sheds, and in attics. We can make repairs to your home to prevent re-entry. Give us a call if this pesky critter is causing problems.


Beavers cause extensive tree damage and flooding. They remove the trees and feed on the twigs, leaves and under layment of bark. They use the leftovers to build lodges and dams. If they are on a lake or pond they will dam up and clog your culverts and spillways that drain your lake, causing water levels to rise and flood. In streams they build dams and develop a lake of their own. If the beavers have moved in on you give us a call and we will remove them.


We can remove the birds, and install bird proof covers, screen vents or make other repairs to your home to prevent re-entry.


Finding a snake in your home is disconcerting, but don’t panic. Call us and let us safely and responsibly remove the snake and identify the entry point so it can be addressed.


For your protection and safety we can also responsibly remove dead wildlife from your property. Contact our office for details.


Foxes can cause disturbances as they forage for food in your garden or garbage, or inhabit small spaces on your property. Their activities may result in damage to structures and lawns. They can also pose a threat to pets due to their cleverness and adaptability. If you notice a fox causing problems on your property, contact us. We provide efficient removal and preventative measures to ensure your home’s safety and peace.


Rats and mice are pervasive pests known for causing substantial damage to properties due to their gnawing habits. Not only can they chew through electrical wires, insulation, and woodwork, but they also carry diseases, posing a health risk to humans. These rodents breed rapidly, escalating in population if not managed swiftly. If you notice signs of rodent activity, such as unusual noises at night or physical evidence like droppings or damaged packaging, don’t hesitate to call us.

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